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Large set contains all three products (CREAM 250 G, GEL 200 ML, OIL 200 ML)

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Basic information

SORATINEX Cleansing Skin Care Gel contains natural fruit acids .

SORATINEX Skin Care Cream

SORATINEX Skin Care Oil contains natural essential oils which help to hydrate the skin .

To eliminate the symptoms of chronic plaque psoriasis, all three products should be used for the duration of the treatment.

Exact procedure for BODY application:

1. Body application phase – CLEANSING GEL
In the morning, moisten the affected area (deposit) and coat it (preferably using a small sponge and treating the deposit only) with cleansing gel; leave for 3-10 minutes, then rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water and wipe dry. This phase removes the so-called dandruff. The skin will become smoother over time.

2. Body application phase – CREAM
After washing off the cleansing gel and wiping the skin dry, coat the treated deposits with cream and let it take effect for about 10 minutes. The cream helps to reduce inflammation in the plaque.

3. Body application phase – BODY OIL
Thinly coat the cream treated skin with body oil; it will hydrate the skin and form a protective film on the coated surface and enhance the effect of the cream.


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