Soratinex Nail Cream 50g

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 SORATINEX NAIL CREAM was developed to help soften dry or peeling skin around the nails. 

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 What is SORATINEX NAIL CREAM used for? 

SORATINEX NAIL CREAM was developed to help soften dry or peeling skin around the nails. At the same time, it takes care of wrinkled, brittle, and faded nails. It is used to care for nails suffering from psoriasis, pachyonychia, onychomycosis and other nail problems caused by bacterial or fungal infections. The product has an antimicrobial and antipruritic effect. The product soothes the skin around the nails. SORATINEX NAIL CREAM is recommended to be used in combination with SORATINEX GEL 200ml and SORATINEX LOTION, because these products complement each other. 

Instructions for use and recommended application 

Use SORATINEX NAIL CREAM once a day. Clean your nails with a soft brush and SORATINEX GEL 200ml and make sure that the skin under the leading edge of the nail is cleansed and let the gel work for 2-3 minutes. Then rinse the gel with water and dry gently. Apply a small amount of SORATINEX NAIL LOTION for a cosmetic sponge and apply to the nails and surroundings. Make sure that the cuticle and whole nails are covered with the LOTION. Allow the LOTION to dry for 5 minutes. Continue applying SORATINEX CREAM 50g or 250g to ensure the best results. Massage the cream on the skin around the nails and let absorb freely. 

Before you start using 

Before you start using SORATINEX NAIL CREAM ALWAYS test a small amount of the product on a small area of skin, as a test for possible ALLERGIC reactions. Leave on skin for 24-48 hours, then rinse. If any reaction occurs, please contact the manufacturer immediately. If you have no reaction, apply SORATINEX NAIL CREAM according to the instructions for use.


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