Introducing Soratinex Dietary Supplements: Elevate Your Soratinex Treatment to Peak Effectiveness.

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Introducing Soratinex Nail Treatment Set

SORATINEX NAIL KIT was developed to help soften dry or peeling skin around the nails.

Introducing Soratinex
Hair & Scalp Set

SORATINEX HAIR SET is used to care for dry, peeling, and inflamed skin affected by psoriasis or atopic eczema in the hair area and to alleviate plaques caused by psoriasis.

Introducing Soratinex Soap Bar

SORATINEX MOISTURIZING SOAP BAR has a gentle composition, suitable for sensitive skin.

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Professor Anthony Chu and Dr Benedetta Brazzini on UK trials of Soratinex

I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending anyone with plaque psoriasis to give Soratinex a try. I’m so glad I did. And this summer I’m looking forward to ditching the jeans and putting my shorts on!

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It is quite a powerful thing to watch something quickly clear up that you pretty much felt was irreversible. Soratinex cream is wonderful and it smells great; so is the oil – you almost feel you could eat it! Within a couple of days my red patches were starting to clear up and then I began to see other patches below them, which were areas of normal skin
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