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SORATINEX SHAMPOO helps to care for dry skin with dandruff.

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What is SORATINEX SHAMPOO used for?

SORATINEX SHAMPOO helps to care for dry skin with dandruff. The shampoo contains invigorating essential oils
that take care of the scalp and at the same time provide relief from itching and the feeling of dry skin. The
composition is specially developed to be suitable for all hair types and is also suitable for sensitive skin.
– Soothes the scalp
– Reduces redness and skin irritation
– It works against dandruff
– Antibacterial
– Improves the scalp

Instructions for use and recommended application

Brush and massage the product on wet hair. Leave on for 2 minutes and rinse with warm water. Dry gently.
Before you start using the Shampoo

Before you start using SORATINEX SHAMPOO, ALWAYS test a small amount of product on a small area of skin
before use as a test for possible reactions, especially if you use the product on sensitive areas of the skin. Leave
on skin for 24-48 hours, then rinse. If any reaction occurs, please contact the manufacturer immediately. If you
have no reaction, apply SORATINEX CONDITIONER according to the instructions for use.

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    Excellent Product

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