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SORATINEX HAIR SET is used to care for dry, peeling, and inflamed skin affected by psoriasis or atopic eczema in the hair area and to alleviate plaques caused by psoriasis.

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Instructions for use and recommended application

SORATINEX HAIR SET contains three complementary products that are applied in three steps targeting Scalp flakes and dryness.

For the scalp, the process begins in the evening using SORATINEX SHAMPOO to remove dry skin scales. Apply the
shampoo to wet skin, foam with a sponge or applicator and leave on for about 10 minutes. Then gently dry your hair
with a towel or blow-dry. Apply SORATINEX CREAM 50g as the second product in the SET. It has  anti-inflammatory
effects. Apply the cream to all flaky areas of the scalp and leave it on for a short time. Do not rinse,
allow to absorb. Finally, use SORATINEX CONDITIONER which hydrates and protects treated areas. Gently massage the conditioner into the skin and let it dry. Then rinse gently and dry your hair.
In the morning, use only SORATINEX SHAMPOO instead of the usual hair shampoo and leave it on for about 10 minutes
after application. Then gently wash and dry your hair or blow-dry.

Before you start using

Before you start using SORATINEX HAIR SET, ALWAYS test a small amount of all products on a small area of skin before use as a test for possible reactions, especially if you use the products on sensitive areas of the skin. Leave on skin for 24-48 hours, then rinse. If any reaction occurs, please contact the manufacturer immediately. If you have no reaction, apply SORATINEX HAIR SET according to the instructions for use.



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